• New Rockin' Single On The Way!

    Woa. It's been too long since I've posted on here!   I had a wonderful but all too quick summer playing music all over and autumn has been equally beautiful here in northwest New Jersey.   I'm stoked to announce that I will be releasing new music.  It's been awhile.  I spent September recording in a professional studio, Steinwand Sounds, for the first time with drums, bass, electric guitar, organ and more.  While I have no where near enough financial freedom to record an entire album in this fashion, I did complete a song that I am going to release as a single.  

    It's called "Smoke Your Smoke (Drink Your Drink)".  I wrote it a few years ago during a camping trip outside of Boston with my two best childhood friends.  We were drinking and smoking and bitching about the grind of work and it just kind of happened.  It's a light hearted, fun rock tune which is quite a departure from most of my songs, so releasing it as a single feels right.  

    It will be available for purchase on iTunes on November 26th and you can pre order it ahead of time as well.  I'll let you know when that becomes active. 

    Meanwhile here is a little press on the upcoming release: Thanks to the Examiner and Bill Craig!

    Click Here --> Mike Herz to Release New Single -

  • Endless Winter

    This winter in New Jersey has sucked. We've had more snow storms than I can keep track of, its been freezing for months, and the ice in my backyard is about 6 inches thick.  I'm over it. I feel bad for my dog having to go to the bathroom out there.  However, I have refused to let Old Man Winter win this fight.  I've been out there playing gigs and writing new material as of late.  Each gig has been different and rewarding in their own way.  Whether it is a busy bar environment or a living room, I feel like I learn something new each time.  This past weekend I was the featured performer, with Emily,  at Cafe Zed in Livingston, NJ.  It's an open mic out of a house and it really reminded me of the way music should be and probably used to be in the 60's. People sharing and listening and coming together for the beauty of it all. There is a magic in it.  People have their beliefs and their religions, whatever you want to call it that makes them feel like part of something bigger, it provides some form of awareness or enlightenment, for me it is music.  There is no doubt about it.   It's been a journey these past 3 or 4 feels good to be getting recognition as a songwriter and to have an audience.  

    Speaking of which, I was selected to play a showcase at the Cape May Singer-Songwriter Conference.  On top of that they chose my song "If The Stars Align" to be part of the CD Compilation for the event.  Hopefully that means a lot of people will hear that song that perhaps never would have otherwise.  I go back and forth between whether or not this is a big deal ....but I think it might be.  

    Gigs every weekend this month, then keeping it a little more mellow in April.  Time has wings.


  • Gratified & Never Satisfied

    It was a whirwind of an autumn for me and the temp outside tells me winter is here.  I blinked my eyes and here we are at Thanksgiving.   I am thankful to be busy.  The time has not been wasted.  I am in the final stages in my role as producer of "Beautiful Goodbyes" , the debut full length album of singer-songwriter Emily Barnes.  It has been very rewarding helping Emily get this album off the ground and also just working with someone who is as vibrant and passionate about music as I am.  Listening to her sing all the time doesn't hurt either.   Check out her brand new website (also using VIRB)  at  WWW.EMILYBARNESMUSIC.COM

    In other news, a music review blog, Reverb Raccoon, was kind enough to review my album, Overgrown, and do an interview with me.  I am bias, but I think it is the most honest and accurate portrayal of the album and my whole position in this rat race to date.   I hope you'll give it a read and comment if you are so inclined.  On this Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for.  I will spare you the long list, but know that a big one in bold is your support with this music thing.  

    Here is the link to the interview:    MIKE HERZ- LIFE MUSIC FROM NOTHERN NEW JERSEY 

  • Gigs Galore!

    Hey Folks!   

    The summer is winding down and I have a bunch of wonderful shows coming up, starting Saturday August 17th at 7:00pm at The Living Room in New York City.  

    Yeah, that is pretty much gonna rock.  I love this venue and I am really looking forward to playing there.

    From there I'll be at Cafe Improv in Princeton on Aug 24th

    then Maxfields on Main on Wednesday Aug 28th at 8:30 

    Check out the SHOWS link  for all the details.

    Also a new duo side project in the works with the young & talented Emily Barnes and some bigs shows this fall.  More to come on that.  Stay Tuned!