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  • Media Frenzy!

     Recently, Emily Barnes and I (Closer to Home) have had a few cool media related opportunites.  

    Thursday night we were the featured guests on a cable tv show based out of Port Jervis, NY called "Keepin Country Strong".  Even though we aren't country singers, they promote all music.  Folk is like the more introspective, articulate older brother of country music.  We had fun.  We played 8 songs, did an interview and laughed a lot.  

    You can watch the youtube clip here - Closer to Home on KCS  (we start playing at 14 min mark)

    Friday we drove down to Toms River, NJ to film a live video session with Garden Takes, which is a branch of Streamline Cinema.  What a cool and unexpected experience. A group of 4 guys in their young 20's filming and promoting independent music in a professional way for the love of it.  Incredible and uplifting.  It was too windy to shoot outside so we did the videos in a little cafe down the street.  Then, to top it off, we saw a spectacular full rainbow on the drive home. Good omens. I will share those video once they leave the editing room.  

     Finally, last night our songs were featured on an online blog talk radio show and Emily called in for an interview to talk about our music and what inspires us and what not.  She did great.   They played "Catch Me If You Can"  the feature track off Emily's debut album "Beautiful Goodbyes", then my new single "Smoke Your Smoke (Drink Your Drink)", and then an extremely rare, underground demo track of "Traveler's Song" recorded by Closer to Home in my basement.  This is surely the only time this track will be shared, but we just felt like putting it out there.  I think it sounds good.  Sometimes less is more.  


    Anyway it was a memorable few days and I felt like documenting them.  Keep on keepin on.