• Autumn meanderings.

    Autumn is my favorite season, it's not even close anymore.   To top it off my friend and one of my favorite songwriters, John Elliott, was on the East Coast and we got to split a show together in Farmingdale, NJ.   It was a beautiful night.  Then I got to see John play one more time before he traveled on.   I've learned so much from him and I'm always grateful every time we get to talk and play music.  He is a fearless and honest songwriter to the highest degree.  

    Looking forward, I have a special show coming up at The Stanhope House on November 9th featuring Rob Williams (VA), Dennis King (NJ) and special guest poet BJ Ward.   I can't wait. 

  • Thank you New York City!

    I just want say a BIG thank you to everyone that attended my birthday bash, full band, live album recording show in New York City!   We filled the room to capacity and the love and energy permeating in Rockwood Music Hall was a feeling I will always cherish.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Live album on the way!

  • Colorado Bound!

    I am very honored to have been selected a finalist in the Rocky Mtn Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase.  Look at that line up!!!  WOOOOAH!  I'll be heading out to Lyons, CO August 18-20 to play my songs and soak it all in.  Wish me luck!   Read more about it here: ROCKY MT FOLKS FEST

    Here's the song that got me the nod: MISS THIS PLACE

    Thanks for all your support. 


  • Mostly Folk!

    On a recent run of shows, Emily Barnes and I stopped by the Mostly Folk studio in the Catskills of New York state to chat with the great Artie Martello about our duo, the upcoming solo project, and much more.  It was a pleasure chatting with him and laughing it up with Emily as usual. 

    Listen Here: