Raised in rural Northwest, New Jersey, Mike grew up amongst fertile farmlands and majestic mountains.  So, naturally, as a teenager his music of choice was rap.  Why you ask?  The words.  There was poetry and passion there,  and it resonated.  Some years later Mike discovered the songs of Bob Dylan, and after listening to those words his heart clinically stopped for 3 minutes. While dead he saw a heavenly blinding light and returned to Earth with the understanding that simply a guitar and words could alter the universe. Folk music hit home.  So words were written, chords were learned and songs were born. Songs sung in a deep voice that rattles around in your head long after the music ends. Songs that make you think but don't trip you up and leave you realizing something you already knew. 


His debut album "Overgrown" was released in March of 2013 and can be purchased for an insanely cheap price on iTunes, Bandcamp, CDBaby, Amazon, and live shows.

Here is what some people have said/written:


"Overgrown is a triumph of the lyric-driven, acoustic-based, and highly personal music form. At one time it would have been labeled Folk Music, music by and about regular folks like us. But perhaps we should call it Life Music. Mike Herz is singing about his life, and about our lives."

"I love your CD, man. Really love it. No B.S. I listen to a lot of independent CDs and yours really surprised me with its point-of-view, the fresh honest lyrics. The remarkable turn-of-phrase <<<one right after another. Those are important songs."

 "Mike writes songs with layers of depth."

"New Jersey songwriter Mike Herz understands the power of words, and on "Overgrown" he writes 14 songs that recount facets of the human condition with some skill."

 "You put on an incredible set. I love your style and it's great to hear genuinely good, local musicians. Thanks for the show. :)"

 "Mike, your performance yesterday was remarkable. This was the first time I have seen and heard you play but it will not be the last. You have an amazing gift and you are a great inspiration."